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Re: Renewed appeal to the technical committee about the FransAndCo.Vs.Sven dispute

On Sun, Nov 26, 2006 at 01:26:58AM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > The difference between him and me though, is that i repeteadly tried to go
> > forward, to better this situation, to discuss with him. And repeteadly, means
> > like 10 times or so since spring, and each of those cases where fully rejected
> > in the same way the above proposal was rejected.
> No, the difference between you and him is that you spend a lot of time
> *talking* about going forward, where "going forward" means trying to get
> yourself commit rights to d-i svn again.  This is even your response when
> Frans does take time to look at your patches and makes an effort to
> understand them before committing them.

Well, what can i say : 

  Sven :
  An last a personal message to Frans, remember when we where in Extremadura,
  we had a good time, and we worked side by side. I seriously lament that it
  all degenerated like it did. I certainly have my part of responsability in
  this, but i passed though times, as you know. Let's put pride and arrogance
  and remembrance of past hurts aside, and let's again work on d-i all
  together, as it should be.

  Frans :
  the biggest load of self-satisfied and self-centered crap I've ever seen

Steve, face it, you are fully biased on this issue, and your two mails here
clearly show that.

Furthermore, there is no way this whole situation could improve in any way,
since it is set up in a way to cause more anger anhd escalation on both sides.

I didn't ask much, i did ask that :

  1) i am not asked to recognize publicly that all this mess is fully my
  fault, but that the faults are shared, or better even, that we stop speaking
  about faults.

  2) that frans is not the one to be judge of my behaviour, since he is a
  party to the dispute.

  3) that a fixed deadline is set on when this issue is judged, and that frans
  (and anonymoous others) show at least some token act of good faith on this.

But then i get replies like yours, or holger's or blackmailing like joeyh's in
response to the support page from julien blache.

To ian, it is a great idea that you had with the independnt mediator, and fear
not, any objective decision taken by such a body can only be in my favour,
that is help solving this issue so it is not a point of contention generating
anger and escalation anymore, and everyone can revert to working on debian in
harmony, which is all i ever asked.


Sven Luther

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