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Re: Bug#366938: svn commit access to the d-i repo ...

Andreas Barth writes ("Re: Bug#366938: svn commit access to the d-i repo ..."):
> Ok, fine with me. So, I propose now the following resolution:

Excellent, thanks.  I call for a vote and vote yes.  (Note that you
have two paragraph 3's.  We can fix that typo later ...)


> 1. Sven Luther complains that he has been deprived of commit access to
>    debian-installer's svn repository after he stepped back as installer
>    powerpc maintainer.
> 2. The Debian Project Leader has decided to uphold this particular
>    decision of the debian-installer project head.[1]
> 3. Cooperation between Sven Luther and the installer team can also
>    happen via patches sent to the bug tracking system.
> 3. Access controls to source code repositories are not something in the
>    regular domain of the Technical Committee.  However, there is some
>    doubt in this case whether the Project Leader has intended to ask
>    the Technical Committee to review the decision.
> 1. UPHOLDS the decision of the leader of the installer project and the
>    Project Leader.
> 2. RECOMMENDS that the involved parties proceed as suggested by the Project
>    Leader.[1]
> [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/05/msg00235.html

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