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Re: Bug#366938: svn commit access to the d-i repo ...

On Sun, Jun 04, 2006 at 07:02:51PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Ian Jackson (ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk) [060515 07:41]:
> > Andreas Barth writes ("Re: Bug#366938: svn commit access to the d-i repo ..."):
> > > sorry for top-quoting. but network is here at debconf a bit flaky
> > > currently at Debconf. I spoke with Frans about this request, and Frans
> > > would accept / prefer if we do a real decision about this topic, and not
> > > say "we don't deal with it". And, BTW, I also think that we should make
> > > a real ruling on that topic, as this would finally settle the issue.

> > It seems to me that the DPL has already settled the issue ?  Isn't
> > that the case ?

> And the DPL told that Sven could go to the Tech Ctte.

> > Note that the TC can't decide to make a binding ruling on any matter
> > it pleases.  We can issue statements of non-binding opinion of course,
> > but I don't think that's what's needed here.  And we can make a
> > decision when the person responsibile has delegated it to us.

> Well, I read the "you can go to the tech ctte" as a delegation by the
> DPL.

I don't.  I think delegating a decision needs to be a bit more explicit than
that, it's my understanding that this was just AJ telling Sven what his
appeal options were.  He can of course clarify if he disagrees, but AFAICT
this is a case of Sven asking us to override the DPL.

The resolution is still in order, though.


> 1. Sven Luther complains that he has been deprived of commit access to
>    debian-installer's svn repository after he stepped back as installer
>    powerpc maintainer.

> 2. The Debian Project Leader has decided to uphold this particular
>    decision of the debian-installer project head.[1]

> 3. Access controls to source code repositories are not something in the
>    regular domain of the Technical Committee.  However, in this case the
>    decision was delegated by the Project Leader to the Technical
>    Committee as appeal instance of the Project Leader's decision.

suggest striking this and renumbering paragraph 4 as 3.

> 4. Cooperation between Sven Luther and the installer team can also
>    happen via patches sent to the bug tracking system.


> 1. The decision of the installer project head and the Project Leader is
>    upheld by the Committee.

> 2. We recommend the involved parties to work as suggessted by the
>    Project Leader.[1]

Suggest the following:


1. UPHOLDS the decision of the leader of the installer project and the
   Project Leader.

2. RECOMMENDS that the involved parties proceed as suggested by the Project

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