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Re: Removing long inactive members from the technical committee


        On the proposal to remove individuals from the technical
 committee, there have been the following response
  a) Manoj Srivastava       --- Aye
  b) Raul Miller            --- Aye, unless any of the people object
  c) Ian Jackson            --- Yes for Jason, Nay for the others, for now
  d) Guy Maor  has no objection, and neither does Wichert, based on an
     email on the subject in July.

        So, even considering Ian's response as a Nay, the motion
 carries (with or without considering Guys response as an Aye).  Given
 that we are recommending 3 new members for the committee, removing
 Jason, Wichert and Guy would bring the total (assuming the DPL offers
 the seat to all the three candidates, and they accept) back to 7

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