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Re: Gnome (#154950) (was Re: Please organize the vote)

Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Colin Walters writes ("Re: Gnome (#154950) (was Re: Please organize the vote)"):
> On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 19:59, Ian Jackson wrote:
> >   Therefore it seems to us that there is no longer a need for a
> >   decision by the Committee.  The bug report will be closed.
> That is correct.  Please go ahead and close the bug.

> I think normally I would just go ahead and do so.  But given the
> intense politics surrounding this one I'd rather have a vote on it.

> So, I hereby call for a vote on my earlier proposal to close the bug
> and vote in favour.  Here's a copy if you missed it:

>   The Committee regret that we have failed to get to grips with the
>   actual dispute or issue in the question of bug #154950 and the Gnome
>   transition.
>   It seems to us that all of the original disputants and other
>   relevant participants are now agreed on a course of action, which
>   roughly resembles the `option 2' of Raphael Hertzog's original bug
>   report.

This is really to late. We (Colin Walters and I) spend a lot of time to
wrote G1 to G2 transition scripts. Those scripts are now in experimental
since last Monday. We have also did a call for testers :


The next step would be to upload all the Gnome 2 package in unstale next


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