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Gnome (#154950) (was Re: Please organize the vote)

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Please organize the vote"):
> That's the way it looks to me.  I'm very puzzled as to why everyone is
> waiting for the committee to make a decision when in fact there
> doesn't seem to be anything to decide.  Who disagrees with the
> `modified solution 2' ?

No-one has replied.  So, I hereby propose the following resolution:

  The Committee regret that we have failed to get to grips with the
  actual dispute or issue in the question of bug #154950 and the Gnome
  It seems to us that all of the original disputants and other
  relevant participants are now agreed on a course of action, which
  roughly resembles the `option 2' of Raphael Hertzog's original bug

  Therefore it seems to us that there is no longer a need for a
  decision by the Committee.  The bug report will be closed.

  If anyone feels that the current course of action is wrong, and
  wishes the Committee to once more take an interest, we would welcome
  a clear statement of the issues and the dispute, and are fully
  prepared to reopen the question (and the bug report), and to


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