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Re: Please organize the vote

Raul Miller writes ("Re: Please organize the vote"):
> The committee is about picking between choices which have been adequately
> discussed elsewhere -- the committee is not about designing detailed
> proposals to make these choices work.


Jason Gunthorpe writes ("Re: Please organize the vote"):
> So, I really don't get the point of involving ctte.. There is no argument
> here. You've already decided.

That's the way it looks to me.  I'm very puzzled as to why everyone is
waiting for the committee to make a decision when in fact there
doesn't seem to be anything to decide.  Who disagrees with the
`modified solution 2' ?

Certainly I'm finding it really difficult to see my way in all this.
The lack of clear sides with clear statements of their points of view
is particularly troubling.

If we're being asked to choose between the three options Raphael
originally presented, then it would be nice (for example) if we could
have some names of proposers to put to each proposal ...


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