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Dale Scheetz has resigned

In the message attached, Dale resigned from the committee.  Apologies
to everyone for missing Dale's message the first time round.

This leaves the committee with 7 members, and we're rather short of
active people anyway.  I'll dig out my draft call for applications.

Dale, yes, of course you can stay on the list; it's public.

listmaster@lists: please remove Dale from


--- Begin Message ---
As you can see from my lack of involvement with this, IRC, and other
matters before the committee, I'm not really serving in any capacity on
the ctte committee.

If you haven't already done so, please remove me from the committee. If
possible I would still like to stay on the mailing list, as it contains
the most interesting sources for information about what Debian is doing
these days.

I'm finding time to maintain libgmp, and little else. I haven't even had
the time to finish the woody version of my book, although it is now at the
top of my priority list ;-)

The only thing working a 40 hour week brings is a steady trickle of money.
The fact that my employment is in a non-comp-tech capacity, means I can't
even hide a bit of Debian work amongst my regular workload (which has
lulls, but is overall pretty steady work).

Hope things are going well at your end,

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