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Re: Please organize the vote

Le Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 05:45:04PM -0400, Raul Miller écrivait:
> The committee is about picking between choices which have been adequately
> discussed elsewhere -- the committee is not about designing detailed
> proposals to make these choices work.

Well, since the very beginning of this discussion the committee has been
proposed 3 choices. I asked you to vote and not to make any other
proposal ... but you're not able to do that even.

On the contrary, you want to go on with your own proposal ... 

> If there is *nobody* opposed to the modified solution 2 (which seems to
> be the case -- even though I'd have to spend a few hours nailing down the
> details before I would be comfortable I knew precisely what the "modified
> solution 2" entails), then why should we need to take any action at all?

I'm against whatever you call modified version 2 as long as it does
have package names with *2 names.

I have no problem with solution 1 and 3. But if we go on with solution
3, someone has to setup a staging area (I could have done it with the
time spent on writing this mail but I didn't since I'm interested in
the success of solution 1).

I'm getting more and more disappointed by the tech-ctte. It's nothing
against anyone of you, but your way of working is just not right. I
tried to ease your work by giving detailed proposal since the beginning.
We discussed advantages and disadvantages, not a single solution is
perfect, the committee has to choose between the proposed solution.
That's all.

I don't want you to vote on a single custom solution that you
invented because you think it is the best solution. You're just like any
other Debian developer, you have your own opinion, you can make mistake
so let's choose between all the solutions and don't try to push your own
solution in particular when most of the commitee doesn't participate in
the discussion and you have no idea if your solution is also supported
by the other members.

No response doesn't mean agreement, it just means that they're
disgusted by futile arguments when we already had five times the time to
integrate Gnome2 in Debian just like we always did in the past (ie
pushing it into unstable and working out the rough edges there).

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