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Bug#154950: Thoughts on GNOME 2 transition

Le Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 12:14:18PM +0200, Marcelo E. Magallon écrivait:
>  patching gconf.  Is there anything else?

Some Gnome1.4 applets have not been ported (maybe won't be). 

>  IMO unstable users get what they paid for: a distribution which is not
>  ready for release and which has annoyances every now and then.  If
>  people can *really* find release critical stuff which should keep these
>  knew packages out of a future release, I'm sure we can all argue like
>  the civilized persons we are, can't we? :-)

I agree with you but not everybody does, hence the -committee request.

>  personalized desktop look[0].  Is it really that hard to write a script
>  that gets this 90% right?

Not really, but it's a boring work.

>  do you have to look at it on an application-by-application basis?

AFAIK, yes. But the scripts should certainly be centralized and launched
from a common place (gnome-session or similar probably).

>  Is someone already working on this?  Can I help?

Christian worked on it for the desktop itself and a few apps like

You can certainly help him, yes. He requested testers for his scripts.

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