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Bug#154950: Thoughts on GNOME 2 transition

>> Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

 > * Pro :
 >   * Autobuilt on all arches
 >   * Wider exposure with more testing

 both reasons have considerably more weight.

 > * Cons :
 >   * Gnome2 has some limitations beeing worked on but which may annoy
 >     some unstable users
 >   * Gnome1 desktop would only be kept in testing, we'd have no Gnome1
 >     desktop in unstable.

 After reading mails here and there, I still don't understand what the
 actual problem with running a mixed environment is.  AFAIUI it's more
 than some aesthetic consideration.  The problem with gconf was
 mentioned but the way I understood that, you can work arround it by
 patching gconf.  Is there anything else?

 [ keeping it in experimental ]
 >   * Doesn't annoy happy Gnome1.4/unstable users

 IMO unstable users get what they paid for: a distribution which is not
 ready for release and which has annoyances every now and then.  If
 people can *really* find release critical stuff which should keep these
 knew packages out of a future release, I'm sure we can all argue like
 the civilized persons we are, can't we? :-)

 > - Gnome2 is usable (but needs some manual reconfiguration because the
 >   configuration system changed)

 I know that some people feel really attached to their very own
 personalized desktop look[0].  Is it really that hard to write a script
 that gets this 90% right?  What's involved in this?  Looking at some
 gconf keys and translating them to their new names?  Is this something
 that can be done in a more-or-less centralized location or do you have
 to look at it on an application-by-application basis?  Is someone
 already working on this?  Can I help?

 > - Gnome1 apps will continue to work under Gnome2

 Ah, that's something I wanted to hear.

 [0] A couple of days ago some told me he reinstalled Slackware because
     he couldn't afford to loose his desktop customizations... I had to
     laugh out loud.

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