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Bug#154950: Thoughts on GNOME 2 transition

<quote who="Raphael Hertzog">

> Le Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 10:51:31PM -0400, Raul Miller ?crivait:
> > We're waiting for Jeff Waugh (the Gnome Release coordinator -- not a
> > debian developer, but a participant in the chat) to write up a cleaned
> > up version of solution 2 (from earlier in this bug's thread).

My apologies, been very busy with the 2.0.2 release stuff. :-(

> My summary is :
> - everyone agrees to keep Gnome1 libraries as long as necessary
> - everyone agrees that Gnome2 should replace Gnome1 (the question is
>   when and how) with no change in the package name...
>   (the only name change with the "2" appended was always meant as a
>   temporary measure the time for Gnome2 to mature, however Jeff Waugh
>   realised that it would be better to not change the name but to keep
>   the packages outside of unstable to avoid the conflict)
> (everyone beeing everyone except Ian Jackson who spoke about having
> Gnome1 and 2 co-installable and who doesn't see any problem with keeping
> the "2" extension to the packages)

This is a good summary, thanks.

> The only real question is : do we prepare Gnome2 in unstable, in
> experimental or in a separate staging area.

In addition to your pros/cons, if it were done in unstable, it should be
with *2 names. That has pros and cons in itself. :-)

> You must also take those considerations into account :
> - Gnome1 is mostly dead upstream 
> - Gnome2 is usable (but needs some manual reconfiguration because the
>   configuration system changed)
> - Gnome1 apps will continue to work under Gnome2
> - most Gnome1 apps are currently being ported to Gnome2

Yeah, the specifics to keep in mind are:

  - gconf2 should live in unstable, and libgconf1 sould be patched to launch
    gconfd-2, this assists in G1/G2 interop.

  - desktop components should *not* be mixed. Stuff already in unstable as
    upgrades really ought to be shifted out, though I understand that it's a

  - migration scripts need to be written and launched, preferably without
    user interaction.

I have an idea for part three which I will post independently to d-g-g list.


- Jeff

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