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Bug#154950: Gnome 2 transition

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:


>> If you keep gnome1 in testing, you also maintain it there ?
> Nobody knows. It depends if we have volunters for it, if new versions
> comes out ...

The question was not "do you maintain gnome1", it was "do you do it in
testing" ?

You or any other volonteer if you orphan gnome1 packages.

>> Maintaining it there is more work than maintaining it in unstable
>> alongside gnome2 I guess.
> Any proof ? 

You don't have any proof of the contrary either. 

> Maintaining Gnome 1 is a definite amount of work. Having it in
> unstable or in testing doesn't change much. In fact, it may be
> easier to maintain it in testing since testing isn't evolving so
> fast.

The very goal of unstable, besides new developpement, is to maintain
software there. Maintainer work should not be done in testing
directly, especially if new versions could have to be
installed. Testing receives packages after proper testing in unstable.

>> There are very interresting applets which don't work on gnome2 right
>> now. You are not the one to judge what is interresting for everyone.
> I'm not judging anything. If the applet is very interesting, then
> someone will do the work ... that's all.

Yeah, someone *will* do the work, that's the whole point.

>> Maybe they simply have no time to do it *right now*, because of
>> work/hollidays/life/... Sending them lots of complaints won't help get
>> the job done. (more probably even slow things down)
> So, the applet disappear from the Gnome desktop of unstable users
> during 2 monthes ... and ? What's the problem ?

The problem is, like you said, that the applet (or any gnome1 feature
not yet in gnome2) diseappears from the user's desktop. 

> I said it, it's *normal life* in the free software world.

I don't agree with you : free software on the contrary is known for
the quality it provides, and for the deep involvment of developpers in
their user's support. Saying that it's normal to break things
*voluntarily* maybe for monthes is quite disturbing, especially in
debian, even for the unstable branch.


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