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Re: Bug#154950: Gnome 2 transition

Le Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 12:49:14AM +0100, Ian Jackson écrivait:
> We should only approve the release of Gnome2 into stable without the
> `2' suffix if we're sure, now, that we will definitely only want to
> release one set of Gnome packages, with no choices for end-users and
> with only having choices for sysadmins by using different
> distributions and possibly even manual package fetching.

Have we ever offered that choice with KDE ? Why would you want to
provide that choice for GNOME ?

Nobody is asking for a choice in the long term. If people wanted to
provide the choice, it's only for a few months, the time for Gnome 2 to
mature ... no more.

> install the Gnome2 from unstable alongside the Gnome1 from stable,

That's not easily doable and nobody has ever proposed it in the

> So it seems to me that it's completely clear that the Gnome2 packages
> ought to keep the `2' suffix.


> go in sarge.  Why can't the Gnome2 packages keep the `2' suffix
> forever ?

Because user expect to have their usual gnome packages without that
suffix. Because it's the simplest upgrade method without requiring dozen
of compatibility empty packages.

> the release manager may wish to choose at a late stage whether to go
> with Gnome1 or 2, depending on available information and quality.
> Prejudging that issue now is a mistake.

The choice is possible, he's the one who controls unstable->testing.
Gnome 1 is kept in testing in any case until Gnome 2 is considered

(really I'm bored to have to explain everything again)

> I am very strongly opposed to any attempt to provide `incentives' for
> maintainers to do work in this way.  Penalising our users, or making
> life difficult for ourselves, in order to `encourage' people to do
> something, is a very bad idea in a volunteer organisation.  If
> something isn't being done that you want done, go and do it.  Don't
> break things in an effort to force the issue.

I'm sorry, but Gnome 2 won't wait until each uninteresting applet is
ported ... it's up to the applet developer to do the work, and maybe
they will do if they got complaints. If they don't, well the applet
disappear, that's life. 

> I'll write this up as a draft resolution in my next mail.

I'm not asking Yes/No for a single solution. I'm asking you to
choose between 3. Is that so difficult ?

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