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Re: Beefing up the Technical Committee

On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 03:57:21PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> I'd like to see the Technical Committee play a more active role in the
> project. I'm looking to call on the committee for various reasons within
> the near future. 

That is one of the things the Committee was originally Set up for.

> According to the organization page, there are currently
> 6 members, listed here:
>             chairman Raul Miller
>             member Ian Jackson
>             member Manoj Srivastava
>             member Dale Scheetz
>             member Guy Maor
>             member Klee Dienes
> While I respect all of these people as technically minded, I'm asking
> that perhaps some of the less active ones can step down to open a spot
> for a more active member to replace them.

Hmm... The least active members (in descending order of activity) are:
Ian Jackson, Klee Dienes and Guy Maor.  If Idon't hear from anyone in
the next week, I'll make a point to try and contact that person by phone
to make sure they're interested in putting time into this part of the
project, and to make sure they're receiving email properly.

> Even without this, I would like to get the count up to the max of 8 in
> the committee. I ask that members who plan to stay active and remain,
> recommend possible members to me so I can appoint them. One that I ask
> as a possible candidate is Bdale Garby, who has expressed interest in
> being part of the Technical Committee.

Sure: I respect Bdale.

I'll formally propose we "recommend" him to you in my next message.

More generally, I'd like any committe member who has in mind someone
they think should be on the committee to speak up.  I wonder if we
can interest Wichert?



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