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Re: Beefing up the Technical Committee

Ben Collins writes ("Beefing up the Technical Committee"):
> I'd like to see the Technical Committee play a more active role in the
> project. I'm looking to call on the committee for various reasons within
> the near future.

Excellent, I'm very glad to hear it.

> While I respect all of these people as technically minded, I'm asking
> that perhaps some of the less active ones can step down to open a spot
> for a more active member to replace them. 

It's true that the committee has been very inactive, but this is
largely due to us not having been called on - although we have had had
a couple of ideas to make ourselves more visible, and it is perhaps
a failure on our part to get some of those done.

> Even without this, I would like to get the count up to the max of 8
> in the committee. I ask that members who plan to stay active and
> remain, recommend possible members to me so I can appoint them. One
> that I ask as a possible candidate is Bdale Garby, who has expressed
> interest in being part of the Technical Committee.

If there are good people we should be appointing then room should
indeed be made for them.  Do you, Ben, have any suggestions ?

I think Raul's suggestion of Wichert is an excellent one.  What do you
think, Ben ?  I just asked Wichert on IRC and he was agreeable.


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