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Beefing up the Technical Committee

I'd like to see the Technical Committee play a more active role in the
project. I'm looking to call on the committee for various reasons within
the near future. According to the organization page, there are currently
6 members, listed here:

            chairman Raul Miller
            member Ian Jackson
            member Manoj Srivastava
            member Dale Scheetz
            member Guy Maor
            member Klee Dienes

While I respect all of these people as technically minded, I'm asking
that perhaps some of the less active ones can step down to open a spot
for a more active member to replace them. Even without this, I would
like to get the count up to the max of 8 in the committee. I ask that
members who plan to stay active and remain, recommend possible members
to me so I can appoint them. One that I ask as a possible candidate is
Bdale Garby, who has expressed interest in being part of the Technical


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