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Re: bug report dispute resolution request

On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 11:27:11PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> I think it would be much more helpful if we all tried to be
> constructive - after all, we are engaged in a joint project, not a
> war.  I think Herbert has been showing a willingness to engage and a
> constructive attitude, in at least the mails I see here so far.  (I
> haven't gone and read the bug log yet).

You haven't seen him on the mailing lists.  If you want me to cite
evidence, I can do so, but this isn't really germane to the current issue.

Please do review the bug log; despite my (polite and objective) effort to
explain what I was talking about, Herbert mechanically reassigned the bug
reports at issue back to me within a matter of hours.  *This* is the kind
of action which I find uncooperative and insulting.

> If you have a complaint about another developer's personal behaviour,
> then you should take it up with the project management.

What project management?  We don't really have any infrastructure[1] for
dealing with developers who are generally uncooperative and contrary, as
Herbert has been for a long time; I long ago lost patience with him and
Santiago Vila.  Despite my own (deserved) reputation as a prickly
developer, there is no one else with whom I have clashed over purely
technical issues as I have with Herbert and Santiago.  And I'm not the only
developer who has done so; if you care to solicit anecdotes from other
developers about these two individuals I'm sure you can get them.

And yes, Ian, all these remarks withstand even our own one or two heated
clashes in the past.

[1] At least, none which the existing DPL or DSA team seem to want to dirty
their hands with.  Past experience has taught me that Herbert and Sanitago
will simply arbitrarily disagree with people as suits their fancy; you can
attempt to reason and justify until you're blue in the face, they just say
"no." and reassign bugs back to you, or reopen bugs you close.  They know
no rationale for any technical decision beyond their own whims.  That is
why I have become quick on the trigger to appeal to Technical Committee
when it happens that they clash with me in such a fashion; I feel I can
trust the Technical Committee, even if they disagree with me, to give me
some semblance of a fair hearing instead of being petulantly recalcitrant
and cynically abusing the Debian Bug Tracking System to waste the time of
other developers.  I have not attempted, and will not attempt, to use the
Technical Committee as a forum for adjudication of grievances in general I
have with other developers; just those that involve the Debian BTS, and
when the developer appears unwilling to work with me, or (as in this case)
even to hear me out in the first place.

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