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Re: bug report dispute resolution request

Branden Robinson writes ("bug report dispute resolution request"):
> Had Herbert bothered to pay any attention at all, [...]

> [If Herbert were to downgrade] this bug report to a wishlist item (which,
> given his attitude, [it] would indicate that he has no intention of ever
> addressing it),

> Given past experience in this Project, [Herbert's] opinion has
> frequently been shown to be anything but sensible.  [He has done]
> user-unfriendly and gratuitous [things].

> Please direct further replies to the Technical Committee; I am not
> interested in hearing further self-serving justifications from you,

Don't you think is a rather unhelpful attitude ?  I'm not convinced
that you're really demonstrating here a willingness to engage with
Herbert to find a solution.  It's a shame that, for example, your
conversation with Herbert had to get CC'd to the Technical Committee
so soon - clearly you hadn't yet finished even quoting standards at
each other.

I think it would be much more helpful if we all tried to be
constructive - after all, we are engaged in a joint project, not a
war.  I think Herbert has been showing a willingness to engage and a
constructive attitude, in at least the mails I see here so far.  (I
haven't gone and read the bug log yet).

If you have a complaint about another developer's personal behaviour,
then you should take it up with the project management.


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