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Re: bug report dispute resolution request

On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 07:46:22PM +1100, Herbert Xu wrote:
> There's something wrong with your mail setup.  I never got that message.
> Not that it makes any difference to my decision though.

Things in messages to control that aren't commands to the BTS don't get
CC'ed.  I didn't see your little screed until I examined the BTS, either.

> > Herbert says:
> > 
> > > I do not see anything in the standards that requires this text to be parsed
> > > in the way you intend it to be.  Thus for your script to be
> > > POSIX-compliant, you must insert at least one white space between $( and (
> > > to disambiguate it.
> > 
> > Herbert does not quote the standards in question, so it is difficult for me
> > to evaluate his assertions.  Bash does the right thing with the cited
> Here is what the SuS says (AFAIK POSIX says the same thing):

How about finding out for sure?

> I disagree.  Since this behaviour is legal and IMHO the only sensible one,

Given past experience in this Project, your opinion has frequently been
shown to be anything but sensible.  Introducing epochs on kernel versions
because you were too shortsighted to give the pre-releases proper version
numbers in the first place, for instance, and then asserting that the
Packaging Manual has no force as Policy even as the policy-relevant
portions of it were being adopted as official Policy in order to defend
your user-unfriendly and gratuitous introduction of epochs is just one

> I think that if you looked at my archived bugs, you would find that the
> most of the wishlist bugs have been fixed.

Yes, either closed because you disagreed with the submitter and proceeded
to do nothing else about it, or fixed and the changes never submitted

> My opinion is that since the bug was a result of an undefined expression

You have failed to cite the appropriate source for this assertion.  The
issue is POSIX sh, not SuS sh.

Please direct further replies to the Technical Committee; I am not
interested in hearing further self-serving justifications from you, and I'm
happy to await the technical committee's ruling.

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