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Re: Procedure for submitting requests for clarification to the committee

On 30 Jul 1999, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>  Dale> Come on, Manoj, cough it up. What _do_ you want from us?
>         *Sigh*. Once agaain, how does anyone submit stuff for the ctte
>  to consider? If you all think a mail message is enough, say so, and
>  be done with it.

OK, now I understand. I was confused by your request for "proceedure"
definitions, without being specific about just what point you were asking

What other proceedure would you suggest for this? Telepathy?

It seems obvious that the way to address this committee is through this
mailing list. This is exactly the way you approached the committee with
your current question.  As this is the first request for a "decission"
from the committee, I find your assertion that "denial of service attacks"
are a likely problem for this committee to have no grounds.

You have just exercised the "Committee Access Proceedure". Did it work?

I am still a bit confused by all the "mystery" you wrapped around your
request. The way to contact us was so obvious to me that I couldn't decide
what you were "really" asking. I simply see no "big issue" involved with
making a proposal to this committee. If we need to define it better, OK,
but it sort of seems obvious to me that the proceedure should mirror the
proceedure used in the broad context of proposals under the constitution.

You have been making sounds like this is not sufficient. So, what would
suite you?

Waiting is,

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