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Re: Debian Consultants Page

Hello James,

then PLEASE have a look at the outstanding requests.
I was listed 1 year ago as debian consultant, from then to now i just got deleted.
No mail, why i got deleted.

My website is up and running, so this can't have beed the issue :-P



Am Donnerstag, den 23.02.2012 um 11:35 schrieb James Bromberger:
> Hello all,
> As has been mentioned on list several times, the Debian Consultants page
> is a seldom-updated list that has many ommissions. It was mentioned on
> list recently about having more fine grained data to select a
> consultant, such as skill sets, etc.
> I've started to hack on a replacement set of scripts and DB as a proof
> of concept, and wanted to gether requirements. I've extracted the
> current data from the web site, and imported it into my database. I've
> then run a link check for each organisation/individual's listed URL: 76
> (around 10.6%) are not returning content with a 2XX response code; one
> of the maintenance jobs is to do a link check on every entry (at most
> once every week) to ensure that the URL is still up; and disable the
> entry from display if its down. This helps remove idle/discontinued
> organisations.
> I'm keen to get additional requirements from people for this list -
> please let me know. I wanted to do a Google Maps mash up so you see
> where people are, as well as apply filters to the list of entries in the
> browser...
> The current page is available in 14 languages, and I'm keen to keep
> these and potentially expand it.
>   James

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