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Debian Consultants Page

Hello all,

As has been mentioned on list several times, the Debian Consultants page is a seldom-updated list that has many ommissions. It was mentioned on list recently about having more fine grained data to select a consultant, such as skill sets, etc.

I've started to hack on a replacement set of scripts and DB as a proof of concept, and wanted to gether requirements. I've extracted the current data from the web site, and imported it into my database. I've then run a link check for each organisation/individual's listed URL: 76 (around 10.6%) are not returning content with a 2XX response code; one of the maintenance jobs is to do a link check on every entry (at most once every week) to ensure that the URL is still up; and disable the entry from display if its down. This helps remove idle/discontinued organisations.

I'm keen to get additional requirements from people for this list - please let me know. I wanted to do a Google Maps mash up so you see where people are, as well as apply filters to the list of entries in the browser...

The current page is available in 14 languages, and I'm keen to keep these and potentially expand it.


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