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Re: What do SMEs and consultants want from the debian project?


On Thu, 16 Feb 2012, MJ Ray wrote:
> I've suggested to the Debian Project Leader that Small and Medium
> Enterprises outnumber large companies by 99 to 1 and that SMEs
> probably inform debian consultants of their problems, rather than
> approaching the DPL directly.  Do you think that's right?

Partly yes, I also believe that many companies are more likely to start
with a contractor rather than hire Debian developers. Also consultants
are perfect to train in-house persons that can then become Debian

> 2. what could the debian project offer to consultants to help you
> to help more companies to use debian more?

I often needs partners and it would be nice if I could trust all the
persons being listed in the consultants list. It would be nice to have
more information such as the area of expertise and the sort of missions
that one is looking for (and have the list up-to-date).

I would also benefit from some sort of FAQ where we can grab ideas
to argue the case of Debian to my customers.

> 3. who's reading this list these days?

Me. I'm running http://www.freexian.com as a consulting company
specialized in Debian.

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