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What do SMEs and consultants want from the debian project?

Dear fellow consultants,

You may have noticed in the bits from the GPL for January 2012
that a debian-companies list is being created for large companies.

I've suggested to the Debian Project Leader that Small and Medium
Enterprises outnumber large companies by 99 to 1 and that SMEs
probably inform debian consultants of their problems, rather than
approaching the DPL directly.  Do you think that's right?

If so, I've three key questions for you:

1. what prevents SMEs from using debian more?

2. what could the debian project offer to consultants to help you
to help more companies to use debian more?

3. who's reading this list these days?

And here's my answer to 3: I'm MJ Ray, I'm a far-too-idle debian
developer who works as part of software.coop, which started out in
2002 managing servers and developing web sites for private companies
and now does that, plus library catalogues and groupware for all sorts
of enterprises.  I'd like to do more for debian again, but I have to
make a business case for it and maybe this discussion will help...

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