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Re: open source Solution for Active Directory Services

> 3) How to enforce Security as well as Desktop policies using this kind of
> solution or rather is it possible the way we can do it in Windows Active
> Directory Services?
 I'd say you're in for a rough ride, try looking at samba4, with it it
should be possible to do everything you want and more...BUT, it's not ready
yet, functionality is there, or almost there, depends on your needs,
the codebase is not stable though...
 If you want to do such things with open source you'll be forced to dig
deep in windows internals, you will have to understand how windows profiles
and desktop security works, some stuff is doable with samba3, some with
samba-tng, some only with samba4. Exporting group policy with samba3
requires hacking registry on every XP machine for example... and you don't
know if some service pack won't brake it tomorrow.
Dariush Pietrzak,
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