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Re: open source Solution for Active Directory Services

satyashil rane wrote on 22/04/2006 12:18:
> Before anything else, I would like to thank all of you for giving such a
> wonderfull information.
> Guys,
> My Objectives are as follows:
> 1) Set up an open source solution for Domain Controller (which I am sure
> would be possible by installing Samba 3 and LDAP).

It is possible. And to comment on Matthew Palmers recommendation of the
LDAP Account Manager, I can also list GoSA (IIRC, it is listed on
sourceforge), which I have used at a previous employer and really can
recommend even though the documentation was rather sparse at that time
(about 4 years back).

> 2) There are 3 remote offices where I am planning to implement this
> solution. So is there any way by which I can connect DC's at 3 different
> offices and let them communicate with each other as PDC, BDC and Domain
> Member?

That should be possible, at the very least if you link the offices via
VPN. Samba can act as a PDC and as a Domain Member. And it should be
able to act as a BDC when the PDC is also Samba.

> 3) How to enforce Security as well as Desktop policies using this kind
> of solution or rather is it possible the way we can do it in Windows
> Active Directory Services?

I've never done that, so I can only recount what others said on this
matter. Not to give any false statement, I refrain from doing so though.

> Please give me your comments on above questions.
> Please note that, there will be Domain Controller which will be running
> on Linux platform and the major user computers will be Windows XP.

This is no problem at all for a Samba server.


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