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Re: open source Solution for Active Directory Services

i implemented a samba / ldap solution in my school. we have about 200
client computers and 1400 users. it works great. since we have a slave
ldap directory and a backup domain controller, we don't have downtimes

the only nast thing is that you will not find a management software
for managing your accounts. for my school, i wrote one my self, but it
is not stable yet (but it works). so if you wanna take a look at my
solution, you find it at http://aoc.sf.net. it will stabilize in the

jan-david salchow

"satyashil rane" <satyashil.rane@gmail.com> writes:

> Dear all,
> I want to know the open source solution for Windows Active directory  Services
> (ADS).
> My primary Goal is to set up a Linux box having Directory where all other mix
> of Windows and Linux client will join to this domain. Most of the client
> machines would be windows xp.
> I have already googled for this requirement and understood that it can be done
> with Open LDAP and Samba, but I would love here the experience of the people
> who have already implemented this solution.
> Can someone please suggest me a open source solution or detailed document to
> how to go about?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards
> Satya

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