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COMMERCIAL - Looking for Debian Expertise


I'm in Mumbai / India... but that should not matter in the digital
world of computing. :-)

I'm looking for some Debian Experts to get a job done.

We, The Argon Company, are a Free Software Company that deliver
Network Management Services and Solutions based on the GNU/Linux
platform to the business enterprise. For more info see website:

We currently use the RedHat distribution (RH9). However due to
Trademark Regulations and limitations in upgrade software (I love
apt-get) we want to consider moving to using Debian instead.

We use kickstart to automate the installation of RedHat on the
computer. The rest of the software (TAS-Gateway) we've created
Screen shots can be viewed here:
TAS-Gateway is a web based GUI - control panel for a user (system
administrator) to manage the server.

What we need is help to 

1. Create an automated installer Debain CD with pre-defined parameters
and based + a few additional selected packages ... translation: Do
what kickstart does in RedHat so that installation is automated and
error free. No human intervention required.

2. Create a script to configure the OS by reading a config file specified:
    - Hostname
    - Networking
    - DNS
    - DHCP
    - MTA (sendmail or exim)
    - Samba

Those interested in offering their services please contact me off the
list at rishi@theargoncompany.com



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