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Re: Debian Consulting

> 	Personally, I think the people Debian is targeted towards are
>  already aware of it. However, I don't mean to discourage people who
>  think that maketing is important, and want to do something about it.
>  Past experience has taught me to be leery of marketing plans, but I
>  freely admit to being biased. 

This is clearly a point we differ on.  In my opinion, Debian is not
being promoted to nearly as many people as it should be.  I have
handed out many a Debian or Knoppix CD to competent sysadmins using
RedHat simply because they had not heard much about Debian.  I'm sure
there is a more organized way to go about promoting Debian.  I won't
try to convince you that this premonition is true, but I hope to find
more like minded individuals on this list to discuss it with.


Rich Bodo | rsb@ostel.com | 650-964-4678

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