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Re: Debian Consulting Topic: Kickstart equivalent

On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 06:08, Russell P. Sutherland wrote:
> The University where I work has a lot of RH users
> who are hestitant of paying the big $$ RH is charging
> for their new Enterprise products.

A simple side reference here on the RH schema of things.  Their "server"
versions are basically a better support and access to the RH Network
(higher priority on the server vs. sit and wait).  Basically, the
current version of the server product is just RH 9.0 with a better RHN
package in all honesty.  Using apt-get RPM version, you can do
practically the same setup for servers vs. spending the $$.  Personally,
I have been using the RHN demo version, but prefer just using apt-get
RPM version to do updates/upgrades.  The only thing I do not like RHN
doing (their GUI) is the RH Kernel upgrades (I loose modem functionality
with my personal laptop, as well as have VMware issues), which is more
user or system administrator oriented in not checking that upgrade part.

> One of the reasons they stick with RH is because of
> Kickstart. Does anyone have any operational experience
> of using FAI as a Kickstart replacement?

I would be interested in seeing something like this as well.  ITEC uses
both RH (with apt of course ;-)) and Debian based machines for clients,
and a Debian version of Kickstart would be nice I do admit for base

> The other reason is that many vendors are packaging
> their software in RPMs.

Simple solution there is to use alien on a testing machine (vs.
production machine, not referring to Debian version here) before rolling
it out on the RPM factor, though there are still some dependecy factors
from what I have seen personally now and then.

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