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Re: Debian Consulting

> How hard would it be to set up a new fund, aimed at marketing/lobbying for
> Debian-related purposes? If it's not tax-exempt, how much would it cost,
> the tax and maintenance overhead?

Not sure if it's what anyone wants to do, but it would cost $300 to
set up and $100 per year to maintain a non-profit corporation if you
did it on the cheap.  It would take about 2 days of someone's time to
do it.  The tax maintenance is minimal, a couple hundred as opposed to
the minimum $1500 for a for profit.  Web space can be found for free.
I have set them up, it's cheap.  Couple weeks before all the paperwork
comes in.

> Theoretically, people could donate to this purpose, that is, interested
> consultants, CD vendors, organizations that use Debian so much that they
> can afford spending money on "fluid" expenses like this...
> The money could be used for example to print mass amounts of business cards,
> small flyers or pamphlets, ... small things, but good for name recognition.

Interesting idea.  I don't feel like setting up another business right
now, though.  Besides, I think Software for the Public Interest covers
this ground fairly well.  They take donations and don't blaspheme them
with that dirty marketing word to their face, but promotion of
projects they support *is* in their by-laws and goals; it's a pretty
minor emphasis of theirs, obviously.  A second organization focused on
promotion would probably be viewed as crowding SPI's space, and
actively discouraged by many.


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