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Re: status of debian-consultants mailing list

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Russell P. Sutherland wrote:

> * Martin Wheeler (msw@startext.demon.co.uk) [10 Jul 2003 08:27]:
> >  I'm calling for a
> > vote by members of this list, to be held on this list, on the question:
> >
> >      Do the members of this list wish the list to be closed down,
> >      Yes or No?
> >
> > Any seconders?
> Me.

OK.  I suggest the nomination of a moderator who will act as a
vote-gatherer and counter, from either within or outwith the list.

Further suggestions:

Voting to commence 00.01 Sunday 13th July 2003, to continue until 24.00
Saturday 19th July 2003.  (It's a holiday period, all round the globe.)

Votes to be sent direct to the moderator (or elswhere as the list may
decide -- anyone know of a suitable 'safe' address?)
Comments please.

Only those who were subscribed to this list before 10th July 2003 to be
eligible to vote.
Votes to be scrutinised against roll as supplied by lists.debian.org.

Anyone care to put themselves forward as a moderator?

Or do list members just prefer to do the equivalent of a massive show of
hands, and send replies direct to the list?

(Just trying to be squeaky clean and neutral here.  Nothing else.)
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