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Re: status of debian-consultants mailing list

* Martin Wheeler (msw@startext.demon.co.uk) [10 Jul 2003 08:27]:

> As a concerned individual, I propose that the rest of us just ignore Joy's
> present unwarranted debian-consultant-bashing mood, and get on with what we do
> on a day-to-day basis -- debian consulting.  In the interim, I'm calling for a
> vote by members of this list, to be held on this list, on the question:
>      Do the members of this list wish the list to be closed down,
>      Yes or No?
> Any seconders?


> [ In the meantime, I, along with 400 others, am waiting for a reply to the
> questions openly posted on this list by Art McGee:
>      Why aren't the debian.org lists using Mailman 2.1.2?
>      Why are we using this inadequate ezmlm-like software?
> I don't suppose the listmaster would deign to answer, would he? ]

What are specifications for the functionality of the list?
ezmlm works just fine for me.

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