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Re: status of debian-consultants mailing list

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Josip Rodin wrote:

> What some people seem to have missed is that I'm not saying that there's no
> reason at all to have this list ever. I am saying that right now, no such
> reason is making itself obvious and the list is practically useless.

That is a *personal* opinion; and as far as I'm concerned, it's arrogant,
blinkered, dogmatic and unjustified.
(OK?  You have every right to express opinions like that -- //you have no
right whatsoever to speak in the name of the group.//   As far as I'm aware.
Apparently it takes eighteen months+ these days to get nominated to a
position where that type of arrogance is accepted as being the norm -- I hope
you're not going to suggest that this group adopt the same sort of nonsense
as is prevalent in the NM selection procedures, and ensuing attitudinal

As you should be able to tell, you've got me really angry on this issue --
there are more people than just you subscribed to this list; many have voiced
their opinion that the list serves a useful purpose for them; yet you wilfully
choose to ignore them.
What sort of power trip are you on?
Who asked you speak on behalf of the group -- worse, even -- ACT on behalf of
the group?
What's your overall aim?

As a concerned individual, I propose that the rest of us just ignore Joy's
present unwarranted debian-consultant-bashing mood, and get on with what we do
on a day-to-day basis -- debian consulting.  In the interim, I'm calling for a
vote by members of this list, to be held on this list, on the question:

     Do the members of this list wish the list to be closed down,
     Yes or No?

Any seconders?

We can proceed to further topics thereafter.

[ In the meantime, I, along with 400 others, am waiting for a reply to the
questions openly posted on this list by Art McGee:

     Why aren't the debian.org lists using Mailman 2.1.2?

     Why are we using this inadequate ezmlm-like software?

I don't suppose the listmaster would deign to answer, would he? ]

I am fully prepared to set up a debian-consultants mailman-based mailing list
on one of my own machines should debian.org decide that this one is unwanted;
interested parties should contact me off-list.

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