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Re: consulting rates

>$3000 per day isn't unheard of.
>But no company will pay that to an individual.

>The ones who don't pay according to who they are paying.  They will pay
>amounts of money to KPMG, EDS, IBM-GS, and other consulting companies, they
>pay medium amounts of money to contractors who work through recruiting
>agencies, and they seem to only pay small amounts of money to independant

>To get the good money you need a consulting company of some sort.  I am
>currently considering how to setup some sort of company or co-operative to
>achieve better rates.  The market isn't so good now, maybe in 6 months time
>will move on this.

A co-operative or world-wide consulting firm, hmm... I'll find room on my
server for something like that.

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