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Re: consulting rates

> >To get the good money you need a consulting company of some sort.  I am
> >currently considering how to setup some sort of company or co-operative to
> >achieve better rates.  The market isn't so good now, maybe in 6 months time
> I
> >will move on this.
> A co-operative or world-wide consulting firm, hmm... I'll find room on my
> server for something like that.

There is one that's not linux specific already - check out www.rmpcp.com.
They seem to be all about making sure that their consultant's pass the IRS
"20 questions" that determine if you're an employee or not.  I've exchange
email with the guy in charge there, and asked for more info in the past, but
currently have no other affiliation with these guys.

Dale E. Martin, Clifton Labs, Inc.
Senior Computer Engineer
pgp key available

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