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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

> I'd definitely be interested, but as I haven't really done much formal
> consulting, I feel that though I probably have the requisite
> knowledge, I'm not too well versed in all the implementation details.
> I'm pretty knowledgable about a bunch of admin stuff, and IMO, I'm a
> good Scheme/Lisp/C/C++/perl/bash programmer.  I could certainly use
> the added income, and I love doing the work.
> Ideally, I'd rather start off working with/for someone else who has
> more work than they can handle and is already set up to deal with the
> financial billing, etc, but I realize that may not be feasible.
> Opinions?

Sounds like you are ideal.

I think that if you've figure out enough to become a Debian developer,
and keep your system alive while following unstable (no mean feat),
then you are probably more than qualified to do basic support work.

I'll add you to the private mailing list I'm about to make.


 - Jim

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