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AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

Are these lists active? We're in a big moment for FS/Open Source
in general and Linux in particular, yet these lists are dead
(the debian-consult list archive stops in December, gee!) Are we
just dead, or are we so busy that we don't have time anymore? Or
is the moment _so_ good that the lists aren't necessary anynore?

No I'm not "just checking"... I have something real to say.

For those not on Debian, I have to explain who is Bruce Perens.
Bruce has been Debian Project Leader for 96 and 97, founder of
Software in the Public Interest (a company founded to support FS
in general and Debian in particular), and the main person behind
opensource.org going online. In the end of 97 Ian Jackson was
elected Project Leader, and this March Bruce decided to step off
SPI too and get some rest from Free Software.

Before that, he had the idea of structuring a Debian support
network; you may check at

I guess we could come to organize such a thing? Debian is good
because it's the dream system for a consultant, with its open
development style and its bug reporting/tracking system, but
maybe we could make this non-Debian-exclusive? [I'd rather have
a Debian-only one if there are enought people interested, but if
not, it's better to have a general-purpose Linux one than

Jim Pick mentioned he was thinking of something similar; Jim?

One thing that bothers me is geography... some folks would be
alone in big physical areas (me in Brazil, for example). But we
could come up with something?

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