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Redesign of Common Lisp Controller

Hello Desmond,

On 01/12/10 03:10, Desmond O. Chang wrote:
> ASDF2 has been mature.  C-L-C is basically a thin wrapper now.  I plan
> to remove some redundant features from c-l-c and related packages.

This is a good idea and a path that I would have followed if RL was not 
preventing me from contributing at the moment.

> - Remove clc-(un)register-user-package.
> - Remove (un)register-common-lisp-implementation.

Don't forget the 'Breaks' that you will have to issue against all 
previous CL packages, as removing these scripts will in fact break them.

Migration to this new system can be tricky...

> * About image customizing
> I don't know how many people are using it, but I think user should
> maintain the images by him/herself.  So this will be removed, i.e.,

This was a request from a user. In fact I was always skeptical of this 

> * About clbuild
> Personally I don't like clbuild.  I think a library installer such as
> clbuild should work in user space, you can put its code in a directory
> like ~/bin.  So clbuild will be removed.

There is a use-case for a 'global' clbuild: if you are the admin of for 
example a student server and you want to offer a stable library of CL 
packages for users...

We should retain some way for the admin to install CL libraries in a 
global manner.

> * About /etc/lisp-config.lisp
> Is it useful?  Now it just configures site name and clisp doesn't load
> it at all.

I was meant to be useful a decade ago, indeed I think it has little to 
no use now.

> I will create a new branch in the repo.  You can follow the
> development process.

This I applaud. I've regretfully seen people uploading packages without 
commit this to the repo. That will only lead to bigger issues down the 
road :(.

Best regards, Peter

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