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Redesign of Common Lisp Controller

On 30 November 2010 21:10, Desmond O. Chang <dochang at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi team members,
> ASDF2 has been mature. ?C-L-C is basically a thin wrapper now. ?I plan
> to remove some redundant features from c-l-c and related packages.
> My goal is,
> * About system management
> This should be completely adopted by ASDF2, i.e.,
> - Move all config files to cl-asdf.
> - Remove clc-(un)register-user-package.
> - Remove (un)register-common-lisp-implementation.
> - Remove common-lisp-controller.lisp & post-sysdef-install.lisp.
> - Remove the scripts in /usr/lib/common-lisp/bin/ (see below).
> - Implementations don't install clc any more (see below).
> - Libraries don't symlink asd file any more (see below).
I think these are all good ideas.

However, the gclcvs package should probably be modified, so as to
1- be using ANSI mode by default
2- have ASDF2 preloaded and/or made available through (require :asdf)
NB: gcl is the last implementation to not have ASDF. All other
implementations can simply be refreshed.

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