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Redesign of Common Lisp Controller

Hi team members,

ASDF2 has been mature.  C-L-C is basically a thin wrapper now.  I plan
to remove some redundant features from c-l-c and related packages.

My goal is,

* About system management

This should be completely adopted by ASDF2, i.e.,

- Move all config files to cl-asdf.
- Remove clc-(un)register-user-package.
- Remove (un)register-common-lisp-implementation.
- Remove common-lisp-controller.lisp & post-sysdef-install.lisp.
- Remove the scripts in /usr/lib/common-lisp/bin/ (see below).
- Implementations don't install clc any more (see below).
- Libraries don't symlink asd file any more (see below).

* About image customizing

I don't know how many people are using it, but I think user should
maintain the images by him/herself.  So this will be removed, i.e.,

- Remove clc-update-customized-images
- Remove (un)register-common-lisp-source

* About clbuild

Personally I don't like clbuild.  I think a library installer such as
clbuild should work in user space, you can put its code in a directory
like ~/bin.  So clbuild will be removed.

But you can upload clbuild as a new package if you want.

* About /etc/lisp-config.lisp

Is it useful?  Now it just configures site name and clisp doesn't load
it at all.

Is it necessary to provide a "common" config facility for the

* About implementations

If a implementation has included ASDF2, it doesn't need to depend on
cl-asdf or c-l-c.  Otherwise it must (pre)depend on cl-asdf.

Maintainer may load ASDF2 and dump a new image in postinst or load
ASDF2 in config file.

/usr/lib/common-lisp/bin/<impl>.sh will be useless and removed.

For compatibility, implementations may depend on c-l-c first, but no
longer install c-l-c.  Finally, this dependency will be removed.

* About libraries

Libraries don't need to depend c-l-c and just suggests or recommends

For compatibility, libraries may depend on c-l-c first, but do nothing
on it.  Finally, this dependency will be removed.


That's all.  Please tell me your opinion.

I will create a new branch in the repo.  You can follow the
development process.


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