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pan pan pan

I'm a DD interested in CL.  I maintain (although not very actively) a
few Debian CL packages and I'm not going to give up on them, so I need
at least common-lisp-controller (in addition to CL implementations) in

I might consider to help more, but the main problem (what a surprise!)
is my RL that has been preventing me from almost all activities for
several years.  I'm working on a change but I don't expect to be
reasonably consolidated before the start of the next year.

Peter, I don't mind if most CL libraries stopped to be maintained in
Debian for now.  Last time I tried to use them I failed to get them
working anyway.  But I'd welcome if the basic Debian CL infrastructure
(implementations + clc) still remained reasonably maintained for some
time.  Additionally your (and of other people here around) advice and
other assistance is necessary.  Taking the things over is not easy and
it would be a pity if they would break prematurely.

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