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pan pan pan

Peter Van Eynde <pvaneynd at debian.org>

>> After some consideration I must conclude that the state of the Common
>> Lisp packages in Debian is becoming unreasonable. One of the goals of
>> forming the pkg-common-lisp team was that I would not be a
>> bottleneck, as RL is inflicting more and more damage to my 'Debian
>> playtime'.
>> Now that Luca left I'm basically the only 'active' (for very small
>> values of active) DD/DM left. (no hard feeling towards anybody, just
>> loads of thanks for the work they did)
>> I see two alternatives:
>>     * other people get involved, investigating bugs and sending
>>     git/darcs/whatever format patches.
>>     * we go low impact and remove common-lisp-controller and all
>>     Common Lisp libraries, and I/we only package the lisp
>>     implementations (clisp, ecl, sbcl, cmucl and perhaps ccl) without
>>     any special changes
>> I don't expect the first alternative to be realistic, so unless
>> proven wrong I'll RFA/RM all the libraries/clc on the 5th of
>> September.

Hi there,

I think that there are probably quite a few people willing to get
involved - I see Kambiz's post in reply to this, and I'm very happy to
help too.

The problem is that they may well not be DDs (I'm not. Reading Kambiz's
post, it seems that neither is he). I'm actually reasonably familiar
with the dpkg infrastructure that the lisp packages use (dh_lisp etc.)
and I'd love to get involved: losing the excellent clc would be quite a

But there's only so much a mere mortal (i.e. non-debian-developer) can
do - would a small army of helpers like me make any difference to
whether debian's CL effort foundered? Or do you need to find people that
are already debian developers and also interested in lisp? If the
latter, I fear life will be more difficult.

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