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pan pan pan

Rupert Swarbrick wrote:
> Peter Van Eynde <pvaneynd at debian.org>
> writes:
>>> After some consideration I must conclude that the state of the Common
>>> Lisp packages in Debian is becoming unreasonable. One of the goals of
>>> forming the pkg-common-lisp team was that I would not be a
>>> bottleneck, as RL is inflicting more and more damage to my 'Debian
>>> playtime'.
>>> Now that Luca left I'm basically the only 'active' (for very small
>>> values of active) DD/DM left. (no hard feeling towards anybody, just
>>> loads of thanks for the work they did)
>>> I see two alternatives:
>>>     * other people get involved, investigating bugs and sending
>>>     git/darcs/whatever format patches.
>>>     * we go low impact and remove common-lisp-controller and all
>>>     Common Lisp libraries, and I/we only package the lisp
>>>     implementations (clisp, ecl, sbcl, cmucl and perhaps ccl) without
>>>     any special changes
>>> I don't expect the first alternative to be realistic, so unless
>>> proven wrong I'll RFA/RM all the libraries/clc on the 5th of
>>> September.
Hi folks,

I am currently somewhat on the team but have not done anything.  The 
main issue I have is darcs, I just find it waay to problematic to use.  
If the packages were moved to say git or svn I might be able to pick up 
some of the slack (though I am no lisp expert by any stretch :(  ).


Barry deFreese

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