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Bug#983691: Fwd: Re: Bug#983691: cloud.debian.org: provide images for vagrant-lxc/vagrant-lxd?

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From: Adam Bolte <abolte@systemsaviour.com>
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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2021 13:02:29 +1100
Subject: Re: Bug#983691: cloud.debian.org: provide images for vagrant-lxc/vagrant-lxd?
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On 1/3/21 1:06 am, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Should we provide images for the vagrant lxc or lxd plugin?

Debian stable doesn't currently have lxd, so my workplace uses vagrant-lxc
with this patch:


As a side note, we then patch Vagrant itself to fix a number of Salt bootstrap
issues that upstream doesn't want to address:


With these in place, vagrant-lxc + Salt is quite satisfactory (although I
personally would rather just use LXC directly without Vagrant if given the

Our Vagrant images are over here:


So currently our VirtualBox people (mostly macOS users) use the debian-cloud
debian/buster64 image, and our LXC people use our own
sitepoint/debian-buster-amd64 image which is a bit out of sync but close

I'm behind on packaging new stable release updates, although we don't
generally have much need to reprovision once setup. Having said that, having
debian-cloud maintain an image that we could substitute our custom one with
would make my life easier.


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