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Re: Bug#983691: cloud.debian.org: provide images for vagrant-lxc/vagrant-lxd?

On 1/3/21 1:06 am, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
Should we provide images for the vagrant lxc or lxd plugin?

Debian stable doesn't currently have lxd, so my workplace uses vagrant-lxc with this patch:


As a side note, we then patch Vagrant itself to fix a number of Salt bootstrap issues that upstream doesn't want to address:


With these in place, vagrant-lxc + Salt is quite satisfactory (although I personally would rather just use LXC directly without Vagrant if given the choice).

Our Vagrant images are over here:


So currently our VirtualBox people (mostly macOS users) use the debian-cloud debian/buster64 image, and our LXC people use our own sitepoint/debian-buster-amd64 image which is a bit out of sync but close enough.

I'm behind on packaging new stable release updates, although we don't generally have much need to reprovision once setup. Having said that, having debian-cloud maintain an image that we could substitute our custom one with would make my life easier.


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