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Re: debian.org organisation on GCP [was: Re: Vagrant box CI/CD]

On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 01:26:39AM -0400, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
> There are other constraints: You can't create your own organization
> without a G Suite account, which can't be free without SPI's 501(c)(3)
> nonprofit status or some foreign equivalent.

There is the Cloud Identity product, which creates an organization as
well.  And the last time I looked at it, this worked pretty well.

> Shall I take your reply as a request to follow up with DSA on getting
> the debian.org domain registered with SPI's G Suite and a GCP
> organization created? I've been waiting on such a reply for the last two
> weeks after you said you dropped the project that motivated the work,
> but it's still easy to do if desired.

This are two different projects.  I have more or less dropped the mirror
project.  This would be a new one directly for Salsa.  And this time we
may want to do it right and not opt-in for the easy solution of a GCP
project within google.com.

However I don't even know if using anything of that would work.  DSA has
choosen to ignore me.  Either they have no time, which means they need
to shed responsibilities and should not be tasked with more stuff.  Or
they explicitely ignore me, which means that I'am reluctant to use it,
if it means everything takes ages to accomplish.

So yes, please follow up to get the domain registered.  But please make
sure the responsibility does not solely lie with DSA.


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