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Re: Vagrant Boxes

On 08/24/2017 06:25 AM, Joonas Kylmälä wrote:
> Antonio Terceiro:
>> https://app.vagrantup.com/debian/boxes/stretch64
>> ^ libvirt and lxc are already available. what exactly are you missing?
> Latest version of Jessie (and Testing) is missing them. I see there has
> been lxc and libvirt previously so I thought maybe something happened
> (like some incombability) with the image build scripts?

Hi Joonas
There is work on progress building testing boxes, so it will happen at
some times, but probably not until we have continuous integration set up.

I see also that you expressed interess to create Vagrant Boxes for
Docker. We haven't start anything there but I would be interesting to
hear if such a thing is possible with fai[1] the tool we evaluate to use
in the future for all boxes.
If you want to play around with that, you can clone the git repo at
and start to hack.


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