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Re: Vagrant Boxes


Emmanuel Kasper:
> I see also that you expressed interess to create Vagrant Boxes for
> Docker. We haven't start anything there but I would be interesting to
> hear if such a thing is possible with fai[1] the tool we evaluate to use
> in the future for all boxes.
> If you want to play around with that, you can clone the git repo at
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/cloud/fai-cloud-images.git/
> and start to hack.

I researched a bit on the topic. Vagrant Boxes seem useless because that
would mean there is some virtual machine running behind (like
Virtualbox), and <https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/docker/boxes.html>
states that Vagrant Boxes are not required for Docker images to be
running. However, it would still be nice to have such Debian Docker
*image* that supports all the same things that current Debian Vagrant
Boxes do (for example ssh so that vagrant provisioning could be used).
Images at <https://hub.docker.com/_/debian/> currently miss these features.

I will update you with more info if I think this is feasible to do and
also if with Fai or not.


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